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Sold Ceramics - Sold Blue and White Kangxi Period 1662-1722 - 'Long Eliza' Vases - Page 2


Object 2010492








Height 97 mm (3.82 inch), diameter 55 mm (2.17 inch), diameter of mouthrim 25 mm (0.98 inch), diameter of footring 32 mm (1.26 inch)


Baluster vase on footring. The rim unglazed inside for cover, now missing. Decorated in underglaze blue with a lotus leaves pattern border around the foot. On the waist panels showing a flowering peony plant alternating with two panels filled with a 'Long Eliza' figure standing in a fenced garden holding a flowering stem. On the shoulder panels showing flowering branches alternating with little dancing boys, around the neck scrolls of flowering branches. Marked on the base with the single character mark: Yu, (Jade (Yuan to Qing)), underglaze blue.


The Yu, 'jade', character mark is traditionally called the F-mark in the Netherlands and is very common on good-quality blue and white Kangxi export porcelain. (Jörg & Van Campen 1997, p.115)


Condition: A "J" and Y"-shaped hairline to the rim.



Davison 1994, cat. 33

Jörg & Van Campen 1997, cat. 91 & 116

Jörg 2002/2, cat. 61


Price: Sold.


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