Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Davison 1994


Author: Davison, G.

Title: The handbook of marks on Chinese ceramics.


This unique and much acclaimed publication is still the only reference work to deal comprehensively with the entire subject of the many types of marks to appear on Chinese ceramics. These appeared on pottery and porcelain with increasing frequency from the Tang Dynasty (AD618 - 906) through to the end of the Qing dynasty, in the opening years of the 20th century. Over 1830 different marks are beautifully reproduced and compiled in sections and groups to make recognition of such unfamiliar shapes as easy as possible. All of the marks are translated into English together with the pinyin romanisation. The range of marks includes not only those in regular kaishu script but also some 200 marks redrawn in classical zhuanshu seal script form. The very detailed index and directory provides a wide range of historical, dating, geographical and mythological information for each mark. A detailed cyclical table is included for translating the jiazi dating system often included in commemorative marks. From Imperial marks to the many "hall" and auspicious marks used by Chinese scholars and collectors, this is the essential book for all professional buyers, collectors and antique and art dealers with an interest in Chinese art. Written in a way that will appeal to the beginner as well as the experienced professional, the introduction contains 40 colour illustrations of diverse objects together with their marks.( source: Mullen Books Inc. Marietta, PA, U.S.A.)


Publisher: Han - Shan Tang Books, London, 1994.


Details: Artificial leather binding, no dust jacket. 39 colour plates and 1,000s of illustrations. , reprint edition with Contents, Preface and a Index of Marks.


Pages: 197 pp.


ISBN 10: 0-906610-20-6


Language: English


Dimensions: 155 mm (6.1 inch) x 110 mm (4.3 inch) x 15 mm (0.6 inch).


Private copy, not for sale.


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