Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Condition Reports: Definitions

Each object described in the various categories has its own detailed condition report. Furthermore, if you click on 'more pictures' underneath in the objects description, you'll find detailed photographs of the object and, if there, each defect. On request, I can provide photographs of a higher resolution which makes it easier to zoom in.


Here you'll find the definitions of the terms used in the condition reports: 


Chip: a piece (> 5 mm or 0.19 inch) of (mostly) glaze missing.


Frit: a smaller piece (< 2 mm or 0.08 inch - 5 mm or 0.19 inch >) of (mostly) glaze missing.


Fleabite: the smallest (< 2 mm or 0.08 inch) piece of (mostly) glaze missing. 


Crack: a crack that is visible on both sides.


Hairline: a very fine crack that is visible on both sides.


Glaze hairline: a very fine crack that is only visible on one side.


Glaze flaw / wearing: missing, faded or worn spots of glaze.


Firing flaw: a piece of roughness on an object caused during the firing process.


Mm to Inch: each object is measured millimeters (mm), to convert millimeters to

inches I used the formula; 1 inch = 25,4 mm 


Grams to ounce (oz.): the weight of each object is weighed in grams, to convert grams to ounces (oz.) I used the formula 1 ounce (oz.) = 28,35 grams


Provenance: the record of ownership of moveable works of art.