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Sold Ceramics - Sold Blue and White Kangxi Period 1662-1722 - Tea, Coffee and Chocolate wares - Page 3


Object 2010783


Teacup and saucer





Height of teacup 44 mm (1.73 inch), diameter of rim 67 mm (2.64 inch), diameter of footring 31 mm (1.22 inch)

Height of saucer 17 mm (0.66 inch), diameter of rim 119 mm (4.69 inch), diameter of footring 64 mm (2.52 inch)


Teacup and saucer on footrings, slightly everted rims. Decorated in underglaze blue with, so-called, hatching lines technique with a central roundel filled with a flower head, on the sides eight lotus petal-shaped panels filled with leafy scrolls, around the inner rim a meander pattern border. On the reverse leafy sprays, on the base a shop mark in a double circle in underglaze blue. The teacup is decorated en suite. 


These criss-cross hatching lines are not a Chinese way of painting on porcelain and may have been influenced by the Dutch. This technique was short-lived for it mostly occurs on blue-and-white export wares around 1700. It occurs on teacups and saucers, beakers and small jars with covers, garnitures and other items. The style was short lived, disappearing in the early 18th century. (Jörg & Flecker 2001, pp.68-69)


Condition teacup: A chip and a hairline to the rim.

Condition saucer: A frit, hairline and some tiny spots on the rim, caused by popped bubbles of glaze during the firing process.



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Price: Sold.


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