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Sold Ceramics - Sold Blue and White Kangxi Period 1662-1722 - Miniature Doll's House Vases -

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Object 2012022


A miniature "doll's house" vase






Height 53 mm (2.09 inch), diameter 26 mm (1.02 inch), diameter of mouthrim 4 mm (0.16 inch), diameter of base 15 mm (0.59 inch)


Moulded miniature "doll's house" vase on a flat unglazed base. Decorated in underglaze blue. Four moulded panels are filled with a standing "Long Eliza figure and two with a flower spray. On the neck two flower sprays.


This decoration shows one of the most popular motifs of that time, the slender Chinese woman, holding a flower. In Dutch she was called a Lange Lijs, which became 'Long Eliza' in English. (Jörg & Van Campen 1997, p.101)


Condition: Perfect.



Jörg & Van Campen 1997, cat. 91

Jörg & Flecker 2001, pp.50-51


Price: Sold.


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