Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Godden 1979


Author: Godden, Geoffrey A.

Oriental export market porcelain and its influence on European wares.


Geoffrey Godden is widely celebrated for his knowledge of English ceramics but in the course of his distinguished career he has handled as much Chinese porcelain as English. He is therefore ideally qualified to present this definitive account of the wares made by eighteen-century Chinese potters for the European market, particularly as he stresses the close interplay between Oriental and European ceramics. His research on the subject has been exceptionally wide-ranging, and the majority of resources quoted in this volume are published here for the first time. They include extracts from the English East India Company records, ship's logs of the "East Indiamen" who carried on the trade and the results of the many china-wares sales held in London. There is a chapter on Japanese wares, for in the early eighteen century, nearly as much Japanese as Chinese porcelain was imported. There is also a section on the American trade in Oriental export porcelain. The extensive and carefully chosen illustrations combined with the authoritative and sometimes challenging text make this an invaluable book for collectors and students of porcelain.


Publisher: Granada Publishing Limited, London Toronto Sydney New York, 1979


Details: Hard cover with illustrated dust jacket, over 300 color and bw illustrations. Acknowledgements, Preface, Selected Bibliography and Index.


Pages: 384 pp.


ISBN 10: 0246110570

ISBN 13: 9780246110572 


Language: English


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