Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Krahe 2016


Author: Krahe, C,

Title: Chinese Porcelain in Habsburg Spain


Although Spain was one of the main commercial and colonial powers of the Modern Age, its role in the circulation of Chinese export porcelain has been far from clear. The present work, which examines the reception of pieces of this kind during the reign of the Habsburgs, is therefore intended to fill an important gap. Together with Lacquered objects and other exotica, porcelain circulated throughout the Spanish Empire, passing through the Americas, but until now there had been no record of the pieces that reached the Spanish market. Here, Krahe reconstructs the journey of porcelain ware from southern China to Spain in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, analysing its form and decoration. how it was displayed, stored and used, and the degree to which it was valued. Based on thorough research, a systematic survey of archaeological discoveries, a rich documentary corpus and a great number of artworks and illustrations, Krahe provides an insight into a hitherto unexplored aspect of this trade, opening up new perspectives for historians, art historians, and historians of material culture and taste. 


Publisher: Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica, Madrid, 2016


Details: Illustrated Hardcover, Contents, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations and \Translations, Preface, Introduction, Conclusion, Documentary Appendices, Chinese Emperors and Spanish Monarchs, Genealogy of the Spanish Habsburg Royal House, Conversions of Units of Length, Weight and Currency in the Habsburg Empire, Porcelain Inventory Numbers, Glossary, Bibliography, Index and Photographic Credits.


Pages: 597 pp.


ISBN 13: 978-84-15245-51-3


Language: English.


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