Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Oort & Kater 1982



Author: Oort, H.A. van & J.M. Kater.


Title: "Chinese Soft Paste or Steatitic Porcelain"


Article; "Chinese Soft Paste or Steatitic Porcelain", Arts of Asia, vol. 12 nr. 2, March/April 1982, pp.112-124


Publisher: Arts of Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, March/April 1982.


Details: Illustrated soft cover with black & white and colour illustrations.


Pages: pp.112-124.


ISBN 10: -


Language: English.


Dimensions: 302 mm (11.9 inch) x 230 mm (9.0 inch) x 9 mm (0.4 inch).


Private copy, not for sale.


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