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Sheaf & Kilburn 1988

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Authors: Sheaf, C. and R. Kilburn


Title: The Hatcher Porcelain Cargoes. The Complete Record.


In June 1983 Captain Michael Hatcher, already a highly successful tin ingot salvage diver, recovered a cargo of some 23,000 pieces of seventeenth-century porcelain from a wrecked Chinese junk. A year later he located a Dutch East Indiaman, the "Geldermalsen", wrecked in 1752 and recovered a staggering 140,000 pieces of porcelain in fine condition, as well as 125 gold ingots. This book now provides a permanent and authoritative documentary record of these remarkable cargoes, and a measured assessment of their historical significance, Richard Kilburn describes and analyses the Chinese junk porcelain, showing how it can be dated to the years 1643-1646 and explaining how the discovery has caused many views on style and dating to be revised. Colin Sheaf gives a full account of the "Geldermalsen" cargo, setting the shipwreck and its cargo in the historical and cultural context of the trade between Europe and the Far East.


Publisher: Phaidon Inc Ltd, Oxford, 1988


Details: Hard cover with illustrated dustjacket, 212 illustrations, 138 in colour, a introduction, appendix A-D, footnotes, glossary, selected bibliography, chronology and index.


Pages: 192 pp.


ISBN 10: 0714880469


Language: English.


Dimensions: 287 mm (11 inch) x 225 mm (9 inch) x 25 mm (1 inch).


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