Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Amsterdam 1985

Object 2011200 & 2011933


Auction catalogue


Title: Fine and Important Late Ming and Transitional Porcelain. The private collection of Captain Michael M. Hatcher, selected from the contents of an Asiatic vessel, which went down in the South China Sea circa 1640, auction catalogue Christie’s Amsterdam, 14 February 1985.


In this sale Captain Michael Hatcher's personal collection, with may fine pieces culled from the recovered cargo of 25,000 objects. Initially kept for pleasure, fears for its safety led him to offer what was probably the last available small, but select, group. By February 1985. a new collector market had grown for this "Hatcher shipwreck" porcelain; prices were higher than ever for porcelain now widely recognized as being from a sealed "time capsule". (source: The Hatcher Porcelain Cargoes. The complete record, (C. Sheaf & R. Kilburn, Phaidon-Christie's, Oxford 1988)


Publisher: Christie's Amsterdam B.V. 1985.


Details: Illustrated soft cover with full colour illustrations.


Pages: 52 pp.


ISBN 10: -


Language: English


Dimensions: 240 mm (9 inch) x 185 mm (7 inch) x 5 mm (0.20 inch).


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