Pater Gratia Oriental Art

Ströber 2011


Exhibition catalogue, Symbols on Chinese Porcelain. 10 000 times happiness. Auspicious motifs on Chinese porcelain, Keramiekmuseum Princessehof, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, April 29th to October 30th 2011.


Author: Ströber, E.


Title: Symbols on Chinese porcelain. 10 000 times happiness.


What is the meaning of yin and yang, dragons the Phoenix and the Peaches of Immortality. Why is the lotus a symbol of Buddhism and a couple of mandarin ducks a wish for a happy marriage? What is the meaning of bamboo, pine and plum, the "Three Friends of Cold Winter"? This publication reveals the secrets of the symbols of good luck and the visual imagery of Chinese decorative elements by means of around 90 masterpieces of Chinese porcelain, from the collection of the Keramiekmuseum Princessehof in Leeuwarden the Netherlands, spanning 1000 years.


Publisher: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart, 2011


Details: Illustrated hard cover with colour illustrations of all 90 objects.


Pages: 238 pp.


ISBN 10: 978-3-89790-350-0


Language: English.


Dimensions: 300 mm (11.8 inch) x 245 mm (9.6 inch) x 25 mm (1.0 inch).


Condition: Perfect.


Private copy, not for sale.


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