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Enlin 1987


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Author: Enlin, Y.

Title: Chinese Porcelain Decoration in the 17th and 18th Centuries


The rich tradition of porcelain manufacture gave rise in 17th and 18th century China to many new forms of porcelain ware, all decorated using a wide range of techniques. Motifs ranged from flowers, leaves and entire landscapes through birds, fish and dragons to figures and groups. This book is the first to look not only at the pictorial element in decoration but also at the use of calligraphy, an area largely neglected until now in European specialist literature.


Publisher: Edition Leipzig, 1987


Details: Cloth binding with illustrated dustjacket, 104 full colour photographs and 15 black and white, lllustrations, Contents, Foreword, Bibliography.


Pages: 152 pp.


ISBN 10: 3361001889


Language: English


Dimensions: 200 mm (7.8 inch) x 225 mm (8.8 inch) x 20 mm (0.8 inch).


Condition: Perfect.


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