Pater Gratia Oriental Art

The Nanking Cargo, 1752

Shipwreck Porcelains - The Nanking Cargo, 1752


Object 2011407


Teacup and saucer




Provenance: The Nanking Cargo sale, Christie's Amsterdam, 28 April - 2 May 1986




Height of teacup 40 mm (1.57 inch), diameter of rim 75 mm (2.95 inch), diameter of footring 33 mm (1.29 inch), weight 49 grams (1.73 ounce (oz.))

Height of saucer 23 mm (0.91 inch), diameter of rim 116 mm (4.57 inch), diameter of footring 65 mm (2.56 inch), weight 64 grams (2.26 ounce (oz.))


Teacup and saucer on footrings, straight rims. Chinese Imari, decorated in underglaze blue, iron-red, gold and overglaze green enamel with a large leafy pine rising from a smaller cluster of bamboo on a terrace, within bands of scrolls, and trellis at the rim. The reverse is undecorated. The teacup is decorated en suite. On the bases of both the teacup and the saucers the original circular paper Christie's The Nanking Cargo sale lot 5727 labels proving they have been one of 125 similar teacups and saucers sold in lot 5727. (Amsterdam 1986, pp.264-265)


The design on this teacup and saucer is known as the 'The Bamboo and Pine' pattern. In total 1,037 teacups and saucers and 50 teacups without saucers with the 'The Bamboo and Pine' pattern, were sold divided over the lots: 5716-5733. (Amsterdam 1986, pp.264-265)


The iron-red, gold and green enamel overglaze decoration on this teacup and saucer has been well preserved after being submerged in the salt sea water for 233 years. It gives a good impression of what the original overglaze decoration, often completely deteriorated by the salt sea water, must have looked like.


Condition teacup: Perfect.

Condition saucer: Perfect.



Amsterdam 1986, lot 5179-5203

Jörg 1986/1, fig. 50

Sheaf & Kilburn 1988, Pl. 142


Price: € 349 - $ 378 - £ 292

(the $ and £ prices are approximates and depend on the € price exchange rate)


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