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Object 2012171








Height 93 mm (3.66 inch), diameter of rim 208 mm (8.19 inch), diameter of footring 69 mm (2.72 inch), weight 803 grams (28.32 ounce (oz.))


Bowl on footring, straight sides. Decorated in underglaze blue with three stylised medallions filled with flower sprays alternating with half flower heads and leafy branches, round the base a pointed pendant leaves pattern border. Round the inner rim a geometric pattern border. On the bottom a large flower head with leaves in a double concentric band. Marked on the base with the Chokichidani (Arita) ovens mark within a single-lined circle, underglaze blue.


Sherds of similar bowls have been found at the Nishinobori kiln (not Chokichidani).


Such bowls would probably have been made for the South-East Asian market, another identically shaped, sized and decorated bowl is in an English private collection.


For a sold dish, marked with the Chokichidani (Arita) ovens mark, please see:

Condition: A few firing flaws.


Price: Sold.


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