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Object 2011375


Cup and saucer






Height of cup 63 mm (2,48 inch), diameter of rim 56 mm (2.20 inch), diameter of footring 30 mm (1.18 inch), weight 76 grams (2.68 ounce (oz.))

Height of saucer 23 mm (0.91 inch), diameter of rim 121 mm (4.76 inch), diameter of footring 75 mm (2.92 inch), weight 68 grams (2.40 ounce (oz.))


Cup and saucer on footrings, the saucer with a slightly flaring rim, the tall cup with handle. Decorated in encre de Chine, brown and gold with a lady is seated on rockwork under a pine tree conversing with another lady and child. Round the rims decorative borders in the style of Viennese Du Pacquier porcelain with floral scrolls alternating with shells.


Condition cup: A glaze rough spot to the underside of the handle, three frits and a hairline (only visible on the inside) to the rim (two frits filled).

Condition saucer: Some popped bubbles of glaze to the rim, caused during the firing process, a firing flaw in the centre, a fleabite and frit to the rim.



Sargent 2012, pp.333-334)


Price: Sold.


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