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Object 201056




(Southeast) China, Zhangzhou (Swatow)




Height 85 mm (3.35 inch), diameter 77 mm (3.03 inch), diameter of rim 20 mm (0.79 inch), diameter of footring 60 mm (2.36 inch), weight 201 grams (7.09 ounce (oz.))


Jarlet on footring, nearly vertical sides and an angled shoulder, a short upright neck with a slightly flaring rim. Crackled glaze. Decorated in underglaze blue with three panels filled with a spotted deer, rocks and plants. Around the shoulder a ruyi head pattern border.


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Condition: A tiny frit to the rim and at some places some glaze flaws where the glaze did not catch on to the body during the firing process.



Berlin 1929, cat. 686

Volker 1954, reprint 1971, Pl. IV, cat. 5c

Miedema 1964, cat. S87

Lunsingh Scheurleer 1977, cat. 53

Harrisson 1979, cat. 153

Adhyatman 1999, cat 150


Price: Sold.


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