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Object 2012086








Height (with cover) 118 mm (4.65 inch), height (without cover) 83 mm (3.27 inch), diameter handle to spout 169 mm (6.65 inch), diameter of mouthrim 55 mm (2.17 inch), diameter of footring 52 mm (2.05 inch), weight with cover 356 grams (12.56 ounce (oz.)), weight cover 84 grams (2.96 ounce (oz.))


Globular teapot on footring, curved handle with a straight spout, domed and pierced cover with knob. Polychrome decorated in iron-red, gold, black and other overglaze enamels with a continuous river scene with a fisherman's boat, trees near a rocky bank, pagodas, pavilions a watchtower and a bridge with two figures, one walking the other on horseback. Round the rim a foliate and floral scroll border. The cover is decorated en suite.


The decoration shows a river scene with pagodas and pavilions which to contemplate the surrounding nature far from civilisation, a common theme on porcelain, especially from the mid-17th century onwards. The theme appears on ordinary as well as on expensive, high-class, and will certainly have been appreciated by Chinese scholars, who cherished a tradition of going back to nature and a simple life, leaving behind the stress of office or court for a time. Europeans, too, will have enjoyed such decorations as they gave an idealised impression of the Chinese countryside, thus confirming their romantic ideas about the Middle Kingdom. (Jörg & Van Campen 1997, p. 219)


For an identically decorated teapot and cover, please see:


Teapot: A popped bubble of glaze with a tiny firing tension hairline to the handle, a chip, two frits and glaze rough spots to the tip of the spout.

Cover: A glaze rough spot to the knob and a chip with a hairline to the rim.



Jörg & Van Campen 1997, p. 219

New York 2008, lot 307


Price: Sold.


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