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Sold Ceramics - Sold Blue and White Kangxi Period 1662-1722 - Tea, Coffee and Chocolate wares - Page 3


Object 2010482


Teacup and saucer






Height of teacup 30 mm (1.18 inch), diameter of rim 46 mm (1.81 inch), diameter of footring 24 mm (0.95 inch)

Height of saucer 18 mm (0.71 inch), diameter of rim 74 mm (2.91 inch), diameter of footring 40 mm (1.58 inch)


Teacup and saucer on footrings. Decorated in underglaze blue with a figure sitting on a shore under a tree in a riverscape with boats, mountains trees and the sun. Th teacup is decorated en suite.


Condition teacup: Three tiny fleabites to the rim

Condition saucer: Five tiny fleabites to the rim and two spots on the rim, caused by a popped bubble of glaze during the firing process.


Price: Sold.


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