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Object 2010146








Height 100 mm (3.94 inch), diameter of belly 75 mm (2.95 inch), diameter of mouthrim 35 mm (1.38 inch)

diameter of footring 50 mm (1.97 inch)


Ewer of ribbed pear form on a domed unglazed base. A side loop handle and a triangular spout. Imari decorated in underglaze blue, iron-red and gold with around the foot flower sprays. On the body two groups of flowering plants flanking an initialled 'S' for the Dutch word soya / zoja or soy. On the handle a floret between scrolls.


A specific group of ewers is decorated with the letters 'O', 'A', or 'S' indicating their contents: 'O' stands for olie (oil), 'A' for azijn (vinegar), 'L' for limoen (lemon), the 'S' or 'Z' for soya or zoja (soy). They were used at the dinner table in The Netherlands. Arts adds the letter 'C' for conserven (?) (preserves). This ewer was made following a European glass or silver original and was, most likely, part of a cruet comprising set.(Jörg 2003/1, p.176), (Arts 1983, p.50)


For an identically shaped, sized and decorated ewer initialed with the Dutch letter 'A' for azijn (vinegar), please see;

Condition: A firing crack to the bottom and a T-shaped crack to the foot caused during the firing process.



Arts 1983, Plate 22

Rotondo-McCord 1997, cat. 86

Jörg 2003/1, cat. 214


Price: Sold.


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