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Object 2010479








Height 140 mm (5.12 inch), diameter 70 mm (2.76 inch), diameter of mouthrim 30 mm (1.18 inch), diameter of footring 50 mm (1.97 inch), weight 263 grams (9.28 ounce (oz.))


Large oviform vase on a footring, splayed foot, deep base, a flat knob between the foot and the elongated ovoid body with an upright neck. Rim unglazed inside for cover, now missing. Decorated in underglaze blue with, so-called, hatching lines technique with on the foot leaves, on the body three lotus-petal panels filled with leafy branches. Around the neck also a scroll of single leaves.


These criss-cross hatching lines are not a Chinese way of painting on porcelain and may have been influenced by the Dutch. This technique was short-lived for it mostly occurs on blue-and-white export wares around 1700. It occurs on teacups and saucers, beakers and small jars with covers, garnitures and other items. The style was short lived, disappearing in the early 18th century. (Jörg & Flecker 2001, pp.68-69)


Condition: A glaze frit and chip to the flat knob between the foot and the elongated ovoid body.



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Jörg & Van Campen 1997, cat. 117 

Jörg & Flecker 2001, cat. 55-58


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