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Japanese Blue and White wares 17th Century - Tableware and other Porcelain with Western Shapes


Object 2012064


Tankard / Beer mug






Height 184 mm (7.24 inch), diameter 123 mm (4.84 inch), diameter of mouthrim 80 mm (3.15 inch), diameter of footring 70 mm (2.76 inch), weight 820 grams (28.92 ounce (oz.))


Tankard / beer mug on footring. Oviform body with broad neck. Curved pierced handle. Decorated in underglaze blue with three shaped panels reserved on a ground of karakusa scrolls divided by different stylised flowers. In each panel a mountainous landscape with fir trees, a pavilion and birds.


This is the most common type of beer mug and occurs in a number of sizes. A similar decoration is also seen on ewers. Beer mug were supplied without lids, which were mounted in the Netherlands later. However, a possibly unique example in the Imaemon Museum, Arita, has a flat porcelain cover decorated with karakusa scrolls and a loop ring. (Jörg 2003/1. p.169)


For centuries lo-alcoholic beer had been a common less risky alternative to water, which often was quite polluted. There has therefore been a long design tradition of beer ware such as beer jugs, mugs and crucibles. As soon as the possibility arose of having porcelain copies of all kinds of practical Dutch (household) ware manufactured in China, beer jugs were also often made to order there. Both tall straight models as well as bulbous types were available. In Japan beer mugs were only manufactured for trade during a short period of time in the late 17th century. The existence of Delft copies of these jugs illustrates that there must have been a considerable demand for them in the Netherlands in those days. (source: Groninger Museum)


For similarly shaped or decorated tankards / beer mugs, please see:

Condition: A restored chip to the rim with a connected hairline.



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Groninger Museum


Price: Sold.


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