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Japanese wares with Western Shapes or Designs 1653-1800


Object 2011854








Height 89 mm (3.50 inch), diameter 70 mm (2.76 inch), diameter of mouthrim 28 mm (1.10 inch), diameter of footring 42 mm (1.96 inch), weight 121 grams (4.27 ounce (oz.))


Oviform ewer on footring, wide neck with pinched spout . Curved pierced handle placed at an angle to the spout. Fitted with an contemporary unmarked silver mount. Imari decorated in underglaze blue, iron-red and gold with flowering prunus branches  and a reserved roundel with the initial 'A' for the Dutch word azijn (vinegar), the underglaze blue handle and spout set at right angles.


A specific group of ewers is decorated with the letters 'O', 'A', or 'S' indicating their contents: 'O' stands for olie (oil), 'A' for azijn (vinegar), 'L' for limoen (lemon), the 'S' or 'Z' for soya or zoja (soy). They were used at the dinner table in The Netherlands. Arts adds the letter 'C' for conserven (?) (preserves). (Arts 1983, p.50), (Jörg 2003/1, p.176)


For identically decorated ewers, please see:

 For an identically decorated ewer with the initial 'O', please see: 

 For an identically decorated ewer with the initial 'Z', please see: 

Condition: A firing tension hairline, caused by the firing processs, to the handle and a chip to to underside of the spout.



Howard & Ayers 1978, cat. 111

Arts 1983, Plate 22

New York 1985, lot 63

Jörg 1999, cat. 97-1 & 97-2

New York 1985, lot 63

Jörg 2003/1, pp.176-177


Price: € 199 - $ 215 - £ 174

(the $ and £ prices are approximates and depend on the € price exchange rate)


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