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Height 23 mm (0.91 inch), diameter of rim 112 mm (4.41 inch), diameter of footring 47 mm (1.85 inch), weight 77 grams (2.72 ounce (oz.))


Saucer on footring, slightly spreading rim. Imari decorated in underglaze blue, overglaze iron-red and gold with an all-over design of a shaped jardiniere filled with a rock, flowering iris and camellia. The pot has a ribbon and a tassel on each side and stands on a long table near a fence and a swirl of water. Above the pot a single large ruyi-motif filled with a simplified flower and leaves on a gold ground; below the motif pendent wisteria and prunus. The reverse is undecorated.


The well-executed design is a good example of the painter's eclectic approach. He combined common motifs such as the flowerpot, the fence, the ruyi-design and the pendent flowers without attempting to depict a realistic and coherent scene, intent only on making a pleasant decoration and composition. (Jörg 1989/2, p.200, cat. 254)


For an identically shaped, sized and decorated teacup and saucer, please see:

In his description of this identically shaped, sized and decorated teacup and saucer Jörg notes 'No comparable tea wares seem to be known'.


Condition: Some glaze firing flaws to the reverse rim.



Jörg 1989/2, cat. 254


Price: Sold.


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