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Japanese Imari 1690-1800


Object 2012238








Height 103 mm (4.06 inch), diameter of rim 216 mm (8.50 inch), diameter of footring 88 mm (3.46 inch), weight 828 grams (29.21 ounce (oz.))


Lobbed bowl on footring, scalloped rim. Imari, decorated in underglaze blue, iron red, green, turquoise, aubergine, yellow and gold. The central lobbed panel with a prunus spray. The sides with flowering chrysanthemums, single kiku-flowers and branches of lespedeza flowers. One chrysanthemum and the kiku-fllowers are moulded in low relief. The outside is divided into four panels with double cherry blossoms and four two-sided panels, one side with foliate scrolls in gold on a dark blue ground, the other with a blossoming prunus tree. The two sides connected by a roundel showing a violet with long leaves. (Jörg 2003/1, p.100)


This bowl can be considered a good example of elaborate Imari with raised motifs. The scalloped rim of this bowl is meant to resemble a kiku-flower, a shape mirrored in the decoration. A similar bowl is in the Shibata Collection. (Jörg 2003/1, p.112)


This pattern was copied in China and in many European porcelain factories, including Chelsea and Worcester. For a Chelsea copy, see Porcelain for Palaces, no. 345. There are Chelsea and Worcester copies in the Marshall Collection, nos 190,191. (Impey 2002, p.189)


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Condition: A restored frit and a re-stuck piece to the rim with four filled holes (remains from old removed clamps) with a connected hairline. 



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Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum number 834-1892

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Museum number C.1507-1910


Price: Sold. 


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