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Object 2011518








Height 42 mm (1.65 inch), diameter of rim 248 mm (9.76 inch), diameter of footring 151 mm (5.94 inch), weight 513 grams (18.10 ounce (oz.))


Dish on footring, straight underglaze brown-edged rim (jia mangkou). Decorated in underglaze blue with a flower basket encircled by a foliate and floral scroll border. On the sides reserves filled with flowering lotus plants flanked by reserves filled with a diaper pattern and foliate and floral scrolls. The reverse is undecorated.


The basket filled with all kinds of flowers symbolises riches and abundance and therefore was a highly popular motif, appearing on many Jingdezhen underglaze-blue and polychrome porcelains. In the Netherlands the flower basket design was apparently regarded as very Chinese and exotic, while at the same time being recognisable and fitting in with Western imagery. The motif was often used on Delftware and in particular on Amsterdams Bont, the Dutch name for underglaze or plain white Chinese porcelain, over-decorated in Delft and elsewhere in enamales. (Jörg & Van Campen 1997, p.96), (Jörg 2011/2, p.60)  


Condition: A firing flaw to the inner footring and a fleabite to the rim.



Jörg & Van Campen 1997, p.96

Jörg 2011/2, p.60

Sargent 2012, p.183


Price: Sold.


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