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Chinese wares over-decorated in the West 1700-1800 - Dutch over-decorated Amsterdams Bont wares


Object 2012133





1730-1750, over-decorated in the Netherlands, Amsterdams Bont, c.1750-1770


Height 69 mm (2.72 inch), diameter of rim 144 mm (5.67 inch), diameter of footring 68 mm (2.68 inch), weight 291 grams (10.26 ounce (oz.))


Bowl on footring with steeply rounded sides and a straight underglaze brown-edged rim (jia mangkou). Carved anhua (secret) floral decoration. Decorated in underglaze blue with zig-zag lines pattern borders round the bottom and rim. On the base a single flower spray in a double concentric band. Over-decorated in iron-red, black, gold and other overglaze enamels, in the Netherlands, Amsterdams Bont, c.1750-1770 with a wide spread river scene and two men standing near a waterfront with houses and a tower watching sailing boats on the water, on the opposite side of the water a fortress with a tower this scene alternates with a couple seated on a fence in a garden landscape eating fruit from a basket. On the bottom four groups of flowering peonies. The central representation is surrounded by an x-pattern border and five single flowering peonies on the inner wall.


Anhua is a Chinese term meaning 'secret or hidden decoration', it is incised or carved into the body below the glaze. (Espir 2005, p.254


It has been suggested that the couple, although lacking the trappings of royalty, could represent Willem IV and Anne of Hanover Princess Royal, and Princess of Orange. Prince William and Princess Anne enjoying marital harmony. (Espir 2005, p.165)   


Condition: A restored frit with a connected hairline to the rim..



Jörg & Van Campen 1997, cat. 91 & 116

Espir 2005, p.116 & p.254

Sargent 2012, p.183


Price: € 499 - $ 558 - £ 429

(the $ and £ prices are approximates and depend on the € price exchange rate)


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