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Bonnart, Nicolas (1646-1717)


Nicolas Bonnart and his brothers Robert, Henri and Jean were all engaged in the production and sale of engravings from c.1675 at addresses in the rue St Jacques, which remained a centre of this activity down to the nineteenth century. Of no outstanding distinction as artists, they nevertheless acquired fame both through their fashion prints, which reflect with unusual accuracy the changing modes of the day, and from their introduction as models for these of leading figures of the court.

It would be of interest to know trough what channels this unusual group of porcelains came to be ordered. Both the faithfulness of the copying and the hatched style of the drawing confirm the prints as their direct source. However, they as well have been made for clients in Holland where such prints appeared in pirated editions, I. Gole of Amsterdam. (Howard & Ayers 1978, vol. 1, pp.77-78)