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Object 2011330








Height 53 mm (2.08 inch), diameter of rim 285 mm (11.22 inch), diameter of footring 134 mm (5.28 inch), weight 850 grams (29.98 ounce (oz.))


Dish on footring, flat rim. On the base four spur-marks in a Y-pattern. Decorated in underglaze blue with two hôô birds, one perched on pierced rockwork amongst fruiting peach and camellia, the other in flight above. The sides and rim in kraak style with six wide panels (fuyõ-de) filled with bamboo, peony and prunus, separated from each other by narrow panels filled with scrolls in blue on blue. The reverse is undecorated.


Dishes with this border design are also known with the VOC initials. They were probably ordered by the High Government from 1668 when it started to require porcelain for Batavia. An armorial decorated dish dated c.1667 has a similar border design and dates the style of the border. (Jörg 2003/1, pp.225-226 & p.230), (Antonin & Suebsman 2009, pp.224-225)


For identically decorated dishes, please see:

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Condition: Perfect.



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Price: Sold.


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